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Schumann Shift T8-5 batten lamps are high quality EE lighting device that is in compliance worldwide on safety, reliability and durability. Schumann Shift T8-5 are suitable for critical installation in hospitals, military bases, IT, telecommunication, commercial buildings and factories.

T5 Energy Efficient (EE) lighting is now globally promoted to reduce carbon footprint, an effective means of addressing the global warming concern. EE lighting is also a practical solution of saving energy and lowering maintenance cost, resulting in higher productivity.

Schumann Shift T8-5 Cost Savings Calculator
1. How many tubes of T8 (4ft) do you currently have?
2. What is your local electricity tariff?
($ / kWh)
3. Estimate number of hours used per day?

Estimated savings if you switch to Schumann Shift T8-5
($ / year)
(Double-click on the video to view in full screen) Taken with high speed camera, this comparison shows the consistency of Schumann Shift versus a typical fluorescent lamp with stroboscopic effect.