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Schumann Shift Malaysia provides solution, professional advice, after-sales follow up and warranty. Schumann Shift, is about quality, reliability and practical solutions for your lighting needs, on top of energy efficiency, cost saving and design that complements aesthetically.

Proudly made in Malaysia, Schumann Shift encompasses reliability that stands above others and quality to meet your expectations. When you invest in Schumann Shift there will be peace of mind for your lighting needs.

Schumann Shift, manufactured in Malaysia, is in accordance to international standards of IEC and SIRIM QAS. Our product is also exported overseas besides catering to the local market for leading banks and iconic buildings in the Kuala Lumpur skyline.
How to Install a Schumann Shift Batten Lamp
Our product is a simple 3-step installation process, hassle free and convenient.

Step 1
Remove the lamp starter from the existing T8 fluorescent.

Step 2
Remove the conventional fluorescent lamp.

Step 3
Install the Schumann Shift Batten Lamp.
How to Install a Schumann Shift Batten Lamp